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I know firsthand about how difficult it is to organize your IELTS study.

I have privately tutored hundreds of students in coffee shops to help them prepare for the IELTS exam.  They all came to me with the same questions at the beginning of our study together:

“How do I start and how long does it take to complete?”

It isn’t enough just to watch videos and take a guess about your progress.   You must have a learning system.  And you must get feedback from a qualified teacher.  

Organize Your Study

Study by yourself at your own pace or complete the course in 21 days with a teacher.  We offer access to a directory of local teachers.  

You pay for premium access to the full IELTS Speaking Course and class booking forms.  

Let us help you organize your study.
Take a class at a coffee shop.

Prepare Feedback Train

Prepare for your class with lessons on this website.  Request feedback about assessment tasks you want to practice with a teacher.  Train in  a live class with a teacher from Vancouver, British Columbia.

One minute to check in to class with your mobile phone (1).  

Stage 1: Preparation Feedback (7)

7 Minutes

The Preparation Feedback stage is the link between what you do before you come to class and what you do during your live class. At this stage you

  • introduce yourself to your teacher and build a friendly relationship with him or her.
  • ask your teacher questions about any study exercies from the online module that you had trouble with.
  • practice with review exercises that your teacher selects from your online preparation (you find reps and checkpoints in each lesson).

Before you go on to the next stage, you should take one minute to think and further organize your thoughts towards the training session.

Stage 2: Training Session (13)

13 Minutes

In the Training Session, you practice the language that you studied prior to attending this live class. At this stage you

  • use assessment tasks that you have selected during your online preparation (you find assessment tasks in each lesson).
  • develop language skills that you have thought about before coming to class
  • receive feedback from your teacher with a positive attitude

Stage 3: Assessment Feedback (4)

4 Minutes

The Assessment Feedback Stage is the last part of the live class. The live class will conclude after this stage. In this final part you:

  • receive the notes that your teacher recorded during the training session.
  • discuss with your teacher any questions that you had about the training session.
  • ask you teacher how to better prepare for your next live class.

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