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I know firsthand about how difficult it is to organize your IELTS study.

I have privately tutored hundreds of students in coffee shops to help them prepare for the IELTS exam.  They all came to me with the same questions at the beginning of our study together:

“How do I start and how long does it take to complete?”

It isn’t enough just to watch videos and take a guess about your progress.   You must have a learning system.  And you must get feedback from a qualified teacher.  

Organize Your Study

Study by yourself at your own pace or complete the course in 21 days with a teacher.  We offer access to a directory of local teachers.  

You pay for premium access to the full IELTS Speaking Course and class booking forms.  

Let us help you organize your study.
Take a class at a coffee shop.

Prepare Feedback Train

Prepare for your class with lessons on this website.  Request feedback about assessment tasks you want to practice with a teacher.  Train in  a live class with a teacher from Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Complete the IELTS Speaking course in 21 Days.

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